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Grafton Avenue, Parksville BC  

By Errington area in Parksville BC Canada, great executive homes on the Island for upgrading to more square footage floorplans and open plans like this approx. 2200 sq. ft. Parksville BC with waterfront community and beaches has affordable homes for new home owners too!

Check out the Old Country Market around the corner, in Coombs and a nice location in Parksville. This central area of the Vancouver Island east coast has quick access to recreation, cross-island road to Cathedral Forest and more!

BC Rainforest tours and Pet Lodge make Parksville an ideal place to visit, all amenities nearby including Quality Foods, the Malaspina University College, beach front resorts. For golfers there are great opportunities to play at Morningstar Championship Golf right on morningstar Drive.

Square Footage: 2200   Bedrooms: 4   Bathrooms: 2.5

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